The FutureLab is a creative space that can be used for different purposes. Its open space of 600 sqm, organised on two floors, can easily host photo shootings, movie sets and events. On the ground floor you can find a huge open space with a massive fireplace. From the outside the chimney highly recalls the chimney stack of an industrial blast-furnace. On the ground floor, moreover, there is a kitchen and toilet facilities. From this open space you can access to the former “lemon garden”, a room surrounded by glass walls now used as a kitchen in the summer time. The first floor has a mezzanine floor structure and is the perfect place for exhibitions. It also provides a gym area with vintage equipment belonging to the 30s. The FutureLab was created through the combination of different ideas, projects and dreams and the space offered by the building that once was the barn of the Tenuta Montemaggiore. We turned the barn into an industrial loft and we called it FutureLab, and there we founded a social cooperative that is part of a programme of work integration for disadvantaged young people. The social cooperative has been called FutureLab Sociale 2.0.